Which GPS is Best For…

Which GPS is Best For… Buying Guide

There are a lot of choices available when you are looking to buy a dedicated GPS device for the activities you decide to do outdoors. In this guide I’ll focus on the following activities to help you make your decision which GPS device is best for you.

When Are The GPS Deals?

Typically you will see price drops on GPS devices beginning on Black Friday until Boxing Day. device models that get 40% or above drops are usually a good hint that a newer model is coming in the new year.

When Do New GPS Models Come Out?

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) event in January is usually when the GPS vendors announce a their new GPS models. Shipping dates usually start around March until May. Some devices might get delayed, but usually they get the new devices out before summer.


Which GPS Is Best For Hiking and Hunting?

For hiking the backcountry or walking in the bush hunting game; your GPS needs to be fairly rugged while still be able to use it wearing gloves in colder months. You are also looking for a good display, long battery life and external antenna. Finally you want to be able to load up maps either purchased or from open (free) sources.

Which GPS Is Best For Running?

Depending where you are in your running progress, you want an easy to read display, interval training, loud beep or vibration alerts. All recent models can sync with your smartphone so that you can upload your activity history to either Garmin Connect, Strava, etc.. The trend is to have a wrist heart rate monitor, but you can turn that off and pair a HR strap.

Which GPS Is Best For Geocaching?

Your first unit is probably an low cost entry model. You want to look at being able to load maps and load up your pocket queries. Once you are hardcore, you will want models with more capacity either via SD card slots or internal memory. Connectivity to your computer so that you can use applications like GSAK, Basecamp, etc… is required.