Best GPS For Hiking and Hunting


Low cost choice – eTrex 30x or map 64s
The 20 used to be my recommendation but price drop on the 30x is worth a look due to additional sensors. Firmware appears to not have been updated in a while as compare to map 64s.

GPS map 64s has a handful more features and winning design for 10+ years. Think about your fingers if you are going to be outdoors in the winter.


Medium Cost- fenix 3 HR
Fenix 3 is on the way out to being discontinued but still able to find a good buy. For those wanting a watch for hiking but other activities like trail running this is a good option. Firmware updated as of November 2017. May not use latest connect IQ watch faces or widgets.


High Cost – inReach Explorer+
inReach is in a category of it’s own. You have to decide about

  • Which GPS functions do you really use? waypoint / navigation / tracks
  • Garmin maps
  • Buying a Subscription