Garmin Instinct

You’ll find below your comprehensive guide on using the Garmin Instinct. You will find short tutorials videos, links to manuals and general impressions of the watch.

Released in late 2018, the Instinct is gaining a bit of popularity in 2020 for the outdoor crowd who want similar functions to the handheld device but want portability and not spend as much as the fenix series.

Some functionality that you’d see on the fenix and vivoactive 4 are not present on the Instinct but does support the Garmin Explore smartphone app – making GPS track exports from your smartphone pretty easy.

During 2020, Garmin released updated colors and a new “solar” version which includes a tiny solar cell to help extend the life of the watch.

Garmin Instinct Manual

Download the PDF manual from

Garmin Instinct Training Content