etrex 20

The Garmin eTrex 20 GPS unit is a great starter device for those wanting a small form factor and capable to do the basic GPS functions you’ve come to expect with a Garmin. We’ve listed a number of tutorials on this page that can help you with some of the more popular topics regarding the device.

  • Initial Setup
  • How to Do a Master Reset
  • How to Setup a Alarm
  • How to Update Firmaware
  • Where To function
  • Routes
  • How to Install & Display Maps
  • How to Average a Waypoint
  • Compass Page
  • How to Change Units & Position Formats
  • eTrex 20 vs GPSMAP 62
  • How to Customize the Main Menu
  • How to Change Data Fields
  • How to Change Page Sequence

Garmin eTrex20 User Manual

Click here to download the user manual for the Garmin eTrex 20 in PDF format.

Garmin eTrex 20 Training Content